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White House Black Market Bias Plaid Dress 

So I tried on this dress yesterday at the mall while shopping with Kanye and HIjabeng and fell instantly in love.  Not only did is it awesome and both classic AND on trend, but it achieved the near impossible and created the illusion that I have curves (its hard to see here but there are side panels.)  Plus, sleeves on a dress, SLEEVES.  I was slightly concerned about the lower back v-neck for work, but (a) I tried it with a blazer and it looks just as amazing and (b) I think its totally fine on its own; the v-neck in the back doesn’t really come down *that* far - just enough to create interest.  Anyway, I really dig it.  

But despite all that, I didn’t buy it, because when you are raised by an Irish-Catholic mother in a family without a ton of money, buying things full-price give you actual hives. Its scientific fact. So I’m going to put it on Shop it to Me and hope it goes on sale before my size runs out. Its internet shopping roulette - and I know you all have played it, right?

  1. artielu answered: Patience, young grasshopper. Everything mass market goes on sale. Everything. I spent five years in retail. Trust.
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